When… Do…


This is the help page for the When… Do… the location based reminder app for Windows Phone 8.

Using When… Do… you can create useful reminders that trigger based on a date and time range plus your location.  These reminders can trigger a specific action like the sending of a SMS message or sharing a status update or just show a simple text reminder for example, “Buy Milk”.

How To Videos.

How to create a leaving reminder.


The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions that may be able to help you.

Q. Why do I need to specify a day and time range as well as a location?

A.  Reminders generally have a time constraint which can either be a “not ready until” or a “best before”.  For example, if you add a reminder to collect your dry cleaning  you don’t want it to trigger before the cleaners said it would be ready to collect, this is a “not ready until” scenario.  Other examples are dropping your car off at the garage, picking up a birthday cake from the bakers and meeting a friend on the way home from work.  In most cases we at least have a restriction on the day or set of days that the reminder is appropriate, in many it is a specific date and at a specific time range e.g. leaving work this Monday, going to work this Tuesday, in the evening on Wednesdays etc.  How specific you make the date and time range is entirely up to you.  Best practice is to cover a range that includes the period you expect to be at the location plus some time before hand to make sure you start tracking in plenty of time.  If you were planning to leave work at 5pm and needed to run an errand on the way home then you might want to set the time range from 3pm to 7pm.  This way you would be prompted to start tracking in plenty of time and you would also not miss the reminder if you stayed a little later at work.

Q. Why do we need “Start Tracking” reminders, why can’t When… Do… track my location all the time?

A. If When… Do… tracked your location all the time 24hrs a day it would be wasting an awful lot of battery.  For this reason, restrictions in the Windows Phone OS prevent this kind of activity.  Think of tracking reminders as a greener alternative.

Q.  How do I set a location on the map?

A. Press and hold a finger on the map at the desired location until a push pin appears.  You can then adjust the proximity by dragging the red circle with a finger.  If you find it hard to “grab” the circle then zoom the map in further using the stretch gesture.

Q. How do I zoom in or out on the map?

A. Map zooming is controlled using the stretch and pinch gestures.  To zoom in place two fingers close together on the map then, keeping them in contact with the screen, spread the fingers outwards in a “stretching” motion.   To zoom out do the opposite, start with the fingers far apart on the map then bring them together in a pinch gesture.

Q. How do I start tracking?

A. To start tracking open When… Do… and select the “tracking” tab either by pressing on the word “tracking” in the header or by swiping left on the reminders list.  If the blue button with the triangle is showing then press it, it should change to a red button with a square.  If the red button with the square is showing then you are already tracking.  Now press the Windows / Start key (see below) on your phone to leave When… Do… running in the background.



Q. How do I create a reminder that triggers on leaving a location?

A. Leaving reminders trigger when you leave the location’s proximity.  A common use it to remember to run an errand or make a detour when leaving work.  For example, taking a different route home due to road works or picking up some groceries for your partner on the way home.  To set a leaving reminder in When… Do… just select the “On leaving” option when you add/edit the reminder.  When… Do… will then trigger the reminder if you enter the location’s proximity and then leave it at some time later.  If you are already at the location then it will trigger the reminder as soon as you leave it.  The proximity you set on the location determines how far away from the location you have to be before the reminder triggers.


Leaving reminders show differently in the reminders list…reminder leaving icon

Q. How can I adjust the overall tracking sensitivity?

A.  When… Do… automatically adjusts the tracking sensitivity whilst it is running depending on your proximity to “active” reminders.  Active reminders are those that are enabled and within their time constraint.  This is a battery saving feature.  However, you can control the highest sensitivity that When… Do… will use through the Settings page.  If you set the sensitivity too high you will use more battery and the reminder may not trigger.  If you set it too low then your reminders will not be very accurate.  We recommend two settings  50 meters/yds and 100 meters/yds, which works best for you will depend on your device and location.