Here & Now

Here & Now is a powerful To Do App that gives you the focus missing from other apps. By presenting your To Do entries in relevant lists based on Time, Location, Priority or Folder, Here & Now allows you to focus on what you need to be doing, rather than scrolling through endless lists.

Here and Now - Live Tiles

Live Tiles

With Here & Now relevant To Dos are shown on your Live Tiles allowing you at a glance to see what needs to be done when and where.

  1. The primary tile shows the 6 most relevant To Dos based on the time and your location
  2. You can pin folders as a large, medium or small tile
  3. Places can also be pinned in all 3 sizes

You can choose which folders and places to pin as tiles and customize their colours and sizes.


The dashboard shows a summary of your To Do status when you open the app, making it easy for you to jump straight to views that need your attention.

Relevant entries are emphasized making them easy to spot when you’re busy.

Tapping a dashboard entry will jump straight to that view so you can get to the information you need quickly.

Here and Now - Dashboard
Here and Now - Views

Filtered Views

Here & Now provides a powerful set of filtered views that show you only the To Dos that are relevant. List filtering and grouping allows you to quickly find the information you need without scrolling through endless entries.

The following views are included:

  1. Here – location filtered
  2. Now – time filtered
  3. Overdue
  4. Urgent
  5. Completed
  6. Folders – folders with open & overdue totals
  7. Places – tasks grouped by place

Tapping a group header shows a jump list allowing you to quickly navigate to the information you need.

Your day in one place

Here & Now automatically merges meetings from your Phone’s calendars into your lists making it easy for you to see your schedule.

By entering a location name on your meeting that matches a place in Here & Now you get HERE filtering, distance, directions and location alerts automatically.

Tap on a meeting from your calendar and Here & Now will automatically open the meeting in the appropriate app.

Just be sure to set the status of your meeting to something other than ‘Free’.

Here and Now - Calendar Entry
Here and Now - Scheduling

Powerful Scheduling Calendar

Here & Now provides a powerful scheduling calendar that helps you to set realistic due dates on your tasks by including information from other sources.

Birthdays and events from Facebook and other linked Social accounts are shown.

Meetings and appointments from your Phone’s calendars are also shown.

Sharing is easy

From Here & Now

Share your To Do with others via SMS, Email or Social Media.

When you share a To Do with a location both a Bing and Google maps link is included.

To Here & Now

You can also share with Here & Now from other apps to create your To Do’s. Ideal for creating reading lists or follow up actions based on webpages, tweets or anything else.

Where possible Here & Now adds a link back to the original content in your To Do’s notes making finding the article, tweet, etc really easy.

Here and Now - Sharing

Features Showcase

Here are some of the other great features of Here & Now and the good news is that the price starts from FREE!

Folders View

Here and Now - Folders

You can use folders to organise your To Dos and see a summary by folder of Open, Overdue, High Priority and Today items.

To Do Map

Here and Now - To Do Map

Visualise your To Dos on a map and walkthrough your day by location.

OneNote Link

Here and Now - OneNote Link

Link your To Do to a OneNote page and add more information using all the great note taking features of Microsoft OneNote.

And we’re making it better everyday!

We’re working on lots of great ideas on how to make Here & Now even better, but if you have any suggestions then why not get involved and email us with your ideas.

Download from Windows Phone Store